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On Carmel's heights,
by day and night,
someone prays
for you 


We are a small community of Discalced Carmelite Nuns situated in the Home Mission Diocese of Jackson, Mississippi since 1951. Our Carmelite calling is in the tradition of St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross. In the context of our troubled world, we are called to re-create a contemplative presence, integrating solitude and silence in an atmosphere of sisterly Communion.

As directed by St. Teresa of Avila, our life is aimed toward service of the Mystical Body of Christ; through prayer and contemplation of the things of God we are spiritually sustained by solitude and a life of simplicity.

St. Teresa regarded this manner of living as a manifestation of a theological life at the service of the Church. It affirmed that we are not here for ourselves alone but also for the People of God. In keeping with the style

of a Teresian Carmel we attempt to assume responsibility for an overflow of contemplation by welcoming visitors.

We thereby spread love for prayer among our friends and acquaintances as we share the Good News of God's Word, Jesus Christ. For those seeking His presence in their lives, Jesus is the source of all courage, hope, love and peace.

 May the loving hands of Christ bless you always.

Discalced Carmelite Nuns of Jackson 

way of life and spirit of the order


Prayer is the center and purpose of Carmelite life. The enclosure of Carmel provides protected space for a life of prayer. In prayer we find the greatest joy, and the way of following Jesus. Genuine intimacy with Him teaches us love of neighbor.


The basic requirement Jesus made in the Gospels if we would follow Him. In this way the Carmelite lives as love in the heart of the Church, bearing good fruits for others.


Carmel would not exist without the Blessed Virgin. As our Mother she quietly and gently brings us to her Son and shows us how to live a hidden life with Him. Her role in the economy of salvation as Queen and Beauty of Carmel was experienced mystically by the prophet Elijah on Mount Carmel (1Kings 18:44).


Since we are called to be love in the heart of the Church, our apostolate is contemplative and excludes active ministry. Ours is a simple life of prayer.


Carmel is a family. The communities are small, as St Teresa wished, so that a family-like atmosphere might be fostered. Our days are balanced between times of solitude for personal prayer, study and work, and community acts, including the Holy Mass, Divine Office, meals and recreation.

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