Beginning of August this year was my first annual retreat here in Jackson Carmel.  One day while in prayer  in front of the Blessed Sacrament, I felt  lonesome.  As I dwelt  in that emotion,  I  told the Lord:  “Lord,  here  I  am in a foreign land with a lonely heart longing for my people and my country.”


I sensed the Lord telling me this:  “It is good you feel that way but that is nothing compared to my own.  You cannot fathom  my loneliness. I long  and thirst for my people all day long, but nobody comes to console me,  to quench my thirst, to listen to me, to accompany me and be with me, to tell me their love and desire. Most of them are busy.  They have forgotten me, abandoned me and rejected me.”


Suddenly,  tears fell from my eyes  and I cried uncontrollably.


This was the  main  reason  why  I  came  here.  During my discernment retreat in the Philippines, I found  out  that  my mission in coming here was to console  Him, be present  with  Him, to bring His people to Him in prayer.  So at the start of the day  I  say:  “Lord here  I  am to console You in behalf of those who have no time to be with You.  Here  I am.  I consecrate them all to  You.  I thank  You for the few people that came for the Eucharistic celebration.   And  for the rest that did not come,  I  place them in your hands.  Thank  you,  Lord.”

- Sister Mary Cecile.OCD